Wet-Dust Collectors - H 0 Pro

T&H manufactures the ideal dust collection system for any metal working industry. The application of the H20 Pro varies from companies finishing light metals such as aluminum, brass, and zinc to companies polishing stainless steel or aluminum. This unique design is engineered to minimize potential fire hazards by combining the power of a multi-step filtration system and water to help eliminate 95% of the particulate. Plus, it’s versatile CFM capabilities and use of water filtration make it another cost-effective product.


Wet-Dust Collectors

  1. Bullet Available in 2500, 3500, 5000 CFM

  1. Bullet Equipped with a TEFC motor

  1. Bullet Removes 95% particulate by weight

  1. Bullet 12 gauge metal, available in steel and stainless steel

  1. BulletAutomated water level control

  1. BulletUses backward incline fan wheel


H 0 Pro Application

Units use a direct drive system to rotate a backward incline fan wheel that moves dust laden air through falling water as it is drawn through the unit. The water removes 95% of particulate by weight and a final series of mist impingement filters further remove fine water droplets before air is returned back out of the unit.


1,800-5,000 CFM

Also available in Steal

* model(s) not shown 21753, 22213-SS, 22210-SS & 22210 - 3,500 CFM

5,000 CFM

Also available in Stainless Steel


Dust Collector  

Mist Collector

Wet-Dust Collector




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