Mist Collectors

  1. Bullet Filter finishes that prevent moisture from absorbing into the media fabric

  1. Bullet Sound insulation for quiet operation

  1. Bullet Optional reverse pulse cleaning (Mist Pro C only)

  1. Bullet 12 & 14 gauge welded metal construction

  1. Bullet Backward incline aluminum fan wheel

  1. Bullet Three-stage filtration system

  1. Bullet Flanged filter for easy filter removal (Mist Pro C only)

Mist Pro & Mist Pro C Application

Field testing has revealed that the Mist Pro C system is a minimal maintenance unit, needing filter changes as infrequent as one time per year--saving companies money. To further cost savings, most recent reports have indicated that allowing one 8-hour filter drain in a 24/7 operation can increase the amount of particulate captured.  Furthermore, creatively applying two units side-by-side--as opposed to one large unit--allowing one to dry, and one to run, has proven to additionally enhanced performance.

Mist Collectors - Mist Pro & Mist Pro C

T&H has developed a cost-effective mist collector that out performs all other mist collectors in its class. With minimal maintenance required the Mist Pro is manufactured with the specific problem in mind. In addition, our versatile filter combinations are ideal for machines using water soluble or oil based coolants. For instance, we offer an optional HEPA After-Filter for oil smoke.The Mist Pro has an exceptional operational record and due to its low-cost maintenance it is highly cost-effective.

Also available is the Mist Pro C series which offers reverse pulse cleaning resulting in even lower-cost maintenance.

1,000 CFM

1,500 CFM

2,500 CFM

2,000 CFM

3,000 CFM

500 CFM

* model(s) not shown 783236 - 1,500 CFM


Dust Collector  

Mist Collector

Wet-Dust Collector




Going Green



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Contact Information

Phone: (815)758-2098

E-mail: hrn@th-industries.com

Fax: (815)758-2098

Contact Information

Phone: (815)758-2098

E-mail: hrn@th-industries.com

Fax: (815)758-2098

Contact Us

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