Dust Collectors - Dust Pro

T&H’s Dust Pro Collection is the ideal solution for dry dust or fume removal. They can be used for light dust, abrasive blasting, heavy loads, and granular dust or fumes. The cartridges mount vertically and are available in a variety of filter choices. This versatility allows for an accurate selection of the media type specific to the air pollution problem.

Dust Pro Application

This versatile product can be engineered to the demands of the application. In the case of a light load situation a 1,500 CFM can couple a 3 H.P. blower with two cartridges. A unit that may need 1,500 CFM and a 3 H.P. blower to remedy a heavy dust producing environment, in which case, a 6 or 9 cartridge unit can be designed allowing for a 24/7 maintenance free system.


Dust Collectors

  1. Bullet Available in 1-9 cartridges; 500-6,000 CFM

  1. Bullet Vertical and horizontal cabinet orientation

  1. Bullet 12-14 gauge metal, welded with a ledge-less inside

  1. Bullet Multiple applications: milling, refineries, foundries, metal fab., etc.

  1. Bullet Flanged filter system design for easy removal

  1. BulletLatched filter locks

* model(s) not shown 30502543D & 4052563D

3,500 CFM

700 CFM

1,800 CFM


Dust Collector  

Mist Collector

Wet-Dust Collector




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